Terri White

2019 Inductee

About Terri White

Terri (Noelker) White began her athletic career at St. Paul's College High from 1970-74, where she participated in various intramural sports and joined the first women's basketball and tennis teams in 1973 when Title IX was enacted.

In the fall of 1974, she enrolled at UMR and joined the first women's basketball team. She has fond memories of her coach, teammates and experiences during those four seasons. (She says her knees are a constant reminder of those good 'ol times.) While attending UMR, she also participated in various intramural sports.

After graduating from the university in 1978 with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, she married Brad White and returned to the rural life in her hometown. During the first years of their marriage, she worked as a registered official for both volleyball and basketball games in the area, while also working in the accounting department of Banquet Foods Corporation. For another three years, she served as a substitute teacher in local schools before returning to college.

Terri earned a Bachelor’s of Education degree in Secondary Math from Central Missouri State University and was hired by her local district Hardin-Central. She recently retired from the school after 30 years of teaching math, science and Spanish. During that time she was proud to start and sponsor a Science Club, while also coaching volleyball and softball during the last 10 years of her teaching career. Before retiring from Hardin-Central, she attended Webster University in Kansas City and earned a Master's Degree in the STEM fields.

Throughout the years she has received phone calls from both the Math and Athletic departments at Missouri S&T and has tried to support both programs since graduation. In 1999, she returned to Rolla to attend the 25th anniversary of women's sports during their Homecoming celebration. Two years ago, Missouri S&T honored the 'pioneers' of women's sports during Homecoming weekend and she said she felt that it was quite humbling to be a part of that celebration, especially when one considers the level of competition among today's female athletes.

Brad and I are now empty-nester's, but they were blessed with two exceptional daughters and currently enjoy spending time with our two granddaughters. From time to time, she helps with the farming operation as she enjoys caring for the lawn, garden and small orchard. Since retirement, she have joined a book club and enjoy reading and sharing book and authors, while also filling in for her church organist when she's away visiting grandchildren.