Jerome "Jerry" Dorlac

2015 Inductee

About Jerome "Jerry" Dorlac

Jerry attended MSM for two years (1955-56) after transferring from Quincy College. He was appointed football manager under Coach Gale Bullman after suffering a football injury in 1956 and left MSM. He later graduated from Southeast Missouri State in Cape Girardeau, Mo., and taught and coached for seven years in De Soto, Mo. At that time I obtained a MAT Degree at Alabama College in Physical Sciences (NSF).
In 1967, he was hired by Don Agers (MSM Grad, now deceased) to join General Mills Chemicals, Inc. (GMCI), in mining chemical activities for technical marketing development of Liquid Ion Exchange Technology for mineral recovery worldwide. GMCI developed the first uranium solvent extraction reagent in the '50s and the first marketable copper reagent in 1967 for solvent extraction-electrowinning process to produce very high purity copper metal. The process is being used worldwide for copper as well as many other metals.

Jerry retired in 1996 after nearly 30 years of various technical development responsibilities, then continued to consult in the minerals industry for another 15 years or so. He still enjoys his association with the Jackling Jocks and the S&T reunions.